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Boat Shopper Magazine Benefits

The Boat Shopper Magazine provides you with effective targeted advertising. You can offer your inventory to “Hot Prospects” at an extremely low advertising investment per vehicle by using the Boat Shopper Magazine. Unlike mass media such as radio and newspaper, the Boat Shopper Magazine targets people who want a vehicle now. You don’t pay extra to reach people who aren’t prospects. Approximately 5% of the population is searching for a replacement vehicle at any given time.


While newspapers have a larger circulation, they do not target the boating marketplace. The Boat Shopper Magazine reaches a different demographic market (Including more female buyers) with distribution in high volume retail outlets as well as convenience and grocery stores, restaurants and strategic street locations throughout your area. Because our magazines are FREE, they reach even more potential customers for you. Our distribution goal is clear, make Boat Shopper Magazine easily accessible to anyone in the market for a new or used vehicle. Look for one of our bright Blue outside boxes, or any one of the thousands of high traffic distribution locations such as...

Boat Shopper Magazine Distribution Locations


You will never use the phrase “Must See To Appreciate”. Nothing has been proven more successful at generating qualified prospects than using a picture to make it easy for your customers to make a buying decision.

Internet Exposure:

As an advertiser in the Boat Shopper Magazine, your inventory will also be placed on BoatShopper.com. You will also receive your very own web site with your dealerships logo, maps and directions to your location, along with phone and fax numbers, email and a direct shortcut link to your website.

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